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Action Partage Premiers Secours is a non-profit association, deeply founded and rooted in the biblical values of sharing and human solidarity.

As human life is considered one of the most precious of gifts, its preservation is a priority for the association. Civil prevention and safety events, introductions to first aid emergency response and operations in perilous environments (IPS and ISMP) have been set up.

Our Delegations

In France and around the world

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Guyane: 3.933889, -53.125782
Cameroun: 7.369722, 12.354722
Congo: -4.267778, 15.291944
Sarthe: 47.839900, -0.334133


Action Partage Premiers Secours is active through voluntary humanitarian work, aiming in particular to help those who are most needy. Your donations fully support our charitable actions without any of your gift being used for structural or operational costs.

You can take action and share our values through your donations (in nature or financial), which will allow us to work in a targeted manner where there is a vital need. This can save or radically transform broken lives.

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    We are offering you our IPS courses free of charge, leaving you the appreciation of this gesture with a cash donation that will allow us to continue to provide humanitarian aid to the poor and also to carry out our projects.

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